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Vampire Savior - Morrigan's Ending

7 years ago1K views

Morrigan's ending for Vampire Savior aka Darkstalkers 3. After Jedah found the other part of Morrigan, he freed it and let it choose what body it wanted. It chose a child-like body that somewhat resembled Morrigan. This part of Morrigan is of course Lilith and I assume it's canon that they've joined back together as one soul.

If you want to see more of the endings, as well as the intro for Vampire Savior they're all in one play-list on my page.

If you'd like to join in on the Darkstalkers Support, tell Capcom you want a new game on their forums. Who knows, maybe they'll actually listen to us fans?

Also, a young lady has been trying to get fans to petition for Vampire Savior at Evo, here is the link, good luck to her!

Darkstalkers doesn't belong to me. They Belong to Capcom. This video is pure fan fare.