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    Heavy Rains Continue in Southern China


    by NTDTelevision

    Heavy rain fell as forecast on China's southern Jiangxi Province on Thursday.

    The National Meteorological Center has warned that the current rain could keep pounding parts of the south until Saturday.

    The flood-battered Changkai dyke on the Fu River was breached yet again on Wednesday, following a first breach on Monday, as heavy flooding that has killed more than 211 people in the past week intensified.

    Water levels in the town of Changkai and its neighboring villages receded slightly since Wednesday.

    With water down to ankle deep at some places, local residents were seen cleaning up their flooded belongings and preparing to stay in their homes instead of moving to temporary relief centers set up in the Fuzhou city center.

    Thirty-eight-year-old Xiong Dongmei says she’s still undecided over whether to stay or go.

    [Xiong Dongmei, Flood Victim]: (mandarin, female)
    "The flood water receded yesterday. When the water level rises, our concern is that we are unable to buy food and other items here."

    Others, however, say they will stay in the upper levels of their flooded homes.

    [Xiong Xinling, Flood Victim]: (mandarin male)
    "We have adequate supply of water, as we have saved the amount of one full water container. We have enough food for us to last from a half to a full month. So we are not leaving. If we run out of these, we will go to Fuzhou."

    More than 2.4 million people have been evacuated, although many have moved only short distances.

    The floods have caused more than six billion dollars in economic losses, destroyed more than six thousand square miles of farmland and led to nearly 200,000 houses collapsing.