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    Taxi Drivers Hold Strike in India's Mumbai City


    by NTDTelevision

    Rising fuel costs prompted taxi and auto-rickshaw drivers to go on strike in Mumbai, leaving commuters stranded. They are calling on the government to allow the price of riding a taxi to increase, or lower the price of fuel.

    On Tuesday, tens of thousands of taxi and auto-rickshaw drivers in Mumbai went on strike, demanding a hike in fares. The strike was called by an auto union due to a hike in prices of natural gas, petrol and diesel.

    [Yusuf Ansari, Auto-Rickshaw Driver]: (male, Hindi)
    "Our demands are that the meter fare should be increased. The CNG gas fare was increased from three rupees to seven rupees. Day by day the prices are being increased. And from next month, the gas will be under the Reliance Industry, then where will the poor auto drivers go? The fares of the autos have not increased since 1993.”

    The auto union is now demanding the government to increase the meter fare or lower the gas prices. They say the strike will continue indefinitely if the government doesn’t respond.

    [Toshi, Commuter]: (gender female, Hindi)
    "I have to go very far and I don't keep well sometimes. It rains at times then how should we get to work? We get late almost every day due to traffic and now this."

    Auto-rickshaws and taxis are the most common means of transport for people in Mumbai.