Junkyard Dog vs.Bad News Brown

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From Boston 9/10/88


I have to question the wisdom of the Junkyard Dog bringing his patented steel chain down to the ring for a match against Bad News Brown. If you're stupid enough to carry a steel chain into the ring against a wrestler as vicious and as mean as Bad News Brown and not expect to have Bad News attack you with it, then who's fooling who here?
By Randy Ragsdale 4 years ago
But Bad News wasn't just anybody, around this time he was undefeated and was making strides towards the WWF title after more or less winning the feud with Bret Hart.
By Stinger1981 4 years ago
That's true but even when his popularity was declining JYD never just jobbed to anybody.
By Randy Ragsdale 4 years ago
I dunno, in 88 JYD was declining in popularity and Bad News was a hot heel who had won quite a lot of matches including the battle royal at WM4. I would've been surprised if JYD won.
By Stinger1981 4 years ago
This victory over the Junkyard Dog definitely has to be considered somewhat of an upset.
By Randy Ragsdale 4 years ago