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    Christian Men Skinny-dipping

    Sir Narnian

    by Sir Narnian

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    what a dumb video - let me see -christian skinny dipping - what does one have to do with the other- totally stupid concept - you can certainly be christian- you can certainly go skinny dipping - but why relate the two? They have nothing to do with each other.
    By MasterWill504 years ago
    this is the dumbbest video i hv ever seen
    By shetty284 years ago
    Sluggo87 you're talking like you are god yourself which is blasphemy. you think YOU can tell who will go to heaven and who wont by writing a few questions? Wow, what self importance you have. As for the bible that's not gods word either. For you too think that god would let you into heaven for strutting the earth pretending to be hi/hers representative and talking on his/her behalf beggars belief.
    By globalzerozeroone5 years ago
    Even if they did have sex it wouldn't be a sin in eyes of god as he made all creatures on this planet whether they be gay, straight, bi or transsexual. The bible wasn't written by god or even Jesus. It was written by many earthly men over at least 500 years apart pushing their own agendas.
    By globalzerozeroone5 years ago