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    Egypt Uncovered-2Of5: Pyramid-The Resurrection Machine(3/3)

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    The ancient Egyptians are the most enduring civilization of all time. But only now have scientists discovered that the roots of this great people may be much older and probably did not begin along the banks of the Nile. 70 miles west of the Nile in the Egyptian desert, lies the first crude monuments to fallen kings

    Using modern technology and the latest archaeological findings, world-renowned Egyptologists breathe life into one of history's most fascinating cultures.

    Scientists have long believed that the pyramids were built as resurrection machines for fallen pharaohs. These structures allowed the pharaoh to ascend into the afterlife.

    Now, new discoveries in the Valley of the Kings point to more structures that were connected to the ancient pyramids. Remnants of temples, mortuaries, and other enclosures seem to point to an even more sophisticated belief system.