Download Net10 games to T401g Samsung phone

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  • Add to Demo showing how to download a Java game from your T401g net10 phone. Cost 60 minutes plus time to download. Game is How to Train a Dragon.


Net10 is a great deal I must say! I have been a user for quite some time now and have never been happier with my cell phone service especially the signal I always receive.
By JacoocaJ 4 years ago
Ok, this is not bad. Net10 are getting there, but this is not good enough for most kids today. Net 10 need to get much better and faster phones to attract the most discerning and sophisticated users, namely 13 year old kids. The scorn that they pour on old fashioned phones ie anything older than a year, if fearsome to see.
By tigerun 4 years ago
This is really cool to see how to download games. I guess that if you have the unlimited plan it will cost you nothing to download. I wonder how many other apps you can download to this phone.
By timmytem 4 years ago
I got the samsung t401 bout three months ago, to use of course with net10's unlimited plan. My previous phone was alright, but this phones browsing, and typing is by far superior, and allows me to truly enjoy the unlimitedness of the data.
By Runnman 4 years ago
THis is a really useful video. I love my Samsung T401 with Net 10 unlimited and the games will make it even better
By vladi90 4 years ago
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