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    Newegg Review: HTC EVO Video


    by NeweggTV

    The new Evo from HTC is an impressive piece of hardware, and we couldn't even test it at its rated 4G connection speed yet! Sprint has promised to roll out 4G coverage aggressively this year, but even with a 3G connection you'll find that this device makes mobile internet browsing a breeze thanks to the large touch screen and speedy Snapdragon processor. Those who are already familiar with the Android OS (and the HTC "Sense UI" skin) will have no problem adapting to the phone's navigation features, and you're immediately invited to start personalizing the phone to suit your needs. It's refreshing to see that the Evo has the raw processing power to handle all of the tools that are built into it, with the one caveat being that the battery life is sadly limited. Keep extra micro USB charging cables handy! The HTC Evo is in high demand right now, so availability is limited. You can check availability at the Newegg Cell Phone store by clicking the "Cell Phones" tab on our homepage: - Credits - Camera, Editing & Special Effects: Lam Writing, Big Words: Paul