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    Mr Dream radio version 1972 / Ed Askew


    by ED ASKEW

    it was 1967 when i was writing this song. i was working in a privet school, struggling with my first experience at teaching, writing my first songs, playing my newly acquired Martin tiple, and smoking more pot than was good for me. . and i was, at this time, remembering back to the day when i was attending a drawing class at Yale, four years earlier. the day when everything came to a stop. the day Kennedy was shot.
    this is my favorite version of Mr. Dream. around 1972 a friend was nice enough to record it off the radio as i was playing. later Carl sent me the tape, witch i had forgotten about. so now you can hear it.

    the clips are from 2 collections of archival footage, from the INTERNET ARCHIVE, that i combined and edited.

    to some people Kennedy was the Devil himself. to some people he was some kind of saint. i don't give a fuck. the song is how i felt at the time. enjoy.
    Ed Askew