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    The September Issue - Q&A with R J Cutler

    Sheffield Doc Fest

    by Sheffield Doc Fest

    In the lead up to the publication of the biggest issue of Vogue ever, the famously illusive editor, Anna Wintour, glides into her New York office and sticks a post-it note on a photo with sagely editorial advice: ‘I like it, but teeth’. Throughout, Wintour is as precise and concise as she steers preparation of the all important September issue, if not as ebullient.
    In this rare peek into the workings of Vogue Magazine and its highly venerated editor, Wintour speaks about her family, the deep influence her journalist father had on her, and the fierce passion she has for her work. Wintour has to know exactly what she wants to work with the best in the industry and to be a leader in a world dominated by men. A few minutes into it and it soon becomes clear why movies are written about her, why world famous designers tremble at her glance and why this film is one of the hottest docs of the year.