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    Ascension - and Spinning Out

    Theresa-Ann Harvey

    by Theresa-Ann Harvey

    2010-06-21 2nd Journal Solstice and Mayan 13 - Ascension ♥ TRANSCRIPT: ♥ iTunes podcast ♥ channel Intro: I might have to see about getting these recorded, today - to help people tune into the 13-day energies. Oh well - every thirteenth day has them. This can be listened to on another day 13, and benefit gained, just the same. Thirteen is 13 - no matter the day. Yes, it interacts, too, with the Sacred Mayan Sun Sign, as well - that lends it’s view and its vision to that - to energies of Ascension. Nonetheless, I am hoping that people are decoding this marvelous calendar for themselves. It’s a winner, for sure, raise your consciousness up, disconnect it from matrix Gregorian crap, at the very least - and that’s a victory. Garbage they fed us. No more of that. So, anyway, on a 13 day, one can look back and realize how the cycle has been building up to this day. This is a real mountain-top day in the cycles. One has vision, here, that’s just not there, other days. It’s a blessing. Another thing that is a definite plus for those curious ones who are putting together just how this works - is to go back to the one day - the beginning of the cycle, the trecena, and look at the Sun Sign. In this case, that’s back to 1 Jaguar - the shamanic beast. Throughout the whole trecena the Sun Sign energies of Jaguar hold true - they carry forward. It’s the theme of the cycle. Thus, we begin with the 1-day, the Jaguar or shamanic one. Carry that through all the others, for it underlies the whole bunch - all the numbers - it’s hidden behind. Then, when we hit the 13 and its blessings we’re reaping, we recall - as we look back over the whole - the energies of the one, of the Jaguar this time. That sums up, and that helps us to see deeply, more piercingly into what’s new - what’s been the gift of this - this sacred trecena. Every day is a sacred one... Distributed by Tubemogul.