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    Building a Competent Sales Staff


    by WebProNews

    What does it take for a business to be successful at sales? According to Jenny Dibble, the owner of SearchMarketMe, finding the right person to make the sales is the first big step.

    Just because a person has 20 years of sales experience doesn’t always mean he or she is cut out for the job. Dibble says a person needs to possess success and drive factors.

    She also points out that physical appearance plays an important role in sales, even in online sales. As she explains, a person with a polished physical appearance will often have a stronger drive than a person who does not care as much about outward appearance.

    When a business finds the right sales staff, it will see how sales can help it expand to a new level.

    “It’s integral if you want to grow your business to a more substantial agency that you understand how to successfully ramp up a salesperson,” says Dibble.