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    A Scientific Look at Synchronicity


    by NourFoundation

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    A Scientific Look at Synchronicity: The Search for Meaning in Coincidence

    Synchronicity, as defined by the Swiss psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung, entails the simultaneous occurrence of a certain psychological state with one or more external events that appear as meaningful parallels; in other words, synchronicity references the notion of meaningful coincidence.

    Whether or not we choose to attribute meaning to such coincidences, they tend to constitute a common occurrence in our daily lives, often providing us with some degree of affirmation, support, or guidance depending on the situation at hand. Investigators label these coincidences as instances of synchronicity and seek to study them scientifically.

    Join us for a fascinating look at the experiences of four researchers whose lives have been shaped by synchronistic events that some might dismiss as chance, luck, or serendipity. Using their scientific backgrounds and training rather than their personal beliefs, they explain how such meaningful coincidences have impacted their outlooks and in the process changed the course of their lives.