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    Jill Kelly - - Ember "The Deep End"

    Francis Collins

    by Francis Collins

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    Jill Kelly, wife of Buffalo Bills Hall of Fame quarterback, Jim Kelly, is an author, speaker and now website blogger. JIll is sharing her life experiences and her personal relationship with God on her website

    Music provided courtesy of the band Ember whose single "The Deep End" is available at iTunes by clicking here: Song used with label, band and management's permission.

    I am not affiliated with Jill or her husband's organizations, I'm just an old friend from high school who reconnected with Jill after 23 yrs. on Twitter. Her story moves me and I want to share it with others. Please visit her site and if you like Ember's song, spend the .99 to buy it. Thanks!

    Jim Kelly card (c)1987 Topps, Inc.