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    S/Sgt Bernard Dargols


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    Bernard Dargols, veteran of the 23rd Infantry Regiment, 2nd Division was the only French man to have fought in Normandy under the American uniform, he was 24 years old when he stepped on the beach of Omaha and his command of the French language was invaluable for American intelligence services.

    In June 44, US Army Staff Sergeant Dargols easily jumped off his jeep, today at 90 years old, he is a little slower. The war began when he was residing in the United States; the only way for him to fight was to enlist in the US Army.

    Collecting valuable information on enemy activities such as exact position of the Germans, the ammunition, of the gasoline depots etc… was essential. It was the mission of sergeant Dargols who operated close to the enemy lines.

    Late recognition for this soldier, sergeant Dargols, was awarded today, the French Legion of Honor.