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    Vernal Equinox


    by studlydoright111

    Vernal Equinox

    We raise styrofoam cups to you
    with luke warm Kool-Aid;
    My adjacent neighbor
    (who may or may not
    have come from a place
    where conjugal relations with
    domestic animals is both
    accepted and encouraged)
    demonstrates to the non
    goatfucking world of the
    power and splendor of his
    new power washer with
    all of turbo charged
    mechanical inconvenience
    as he washes the outside at
    the very same spot for
    over an hour's time;

    Vernal equinox, oh vernal equinox,
    the goatfuckers have punished me
    by building a wood fence that
    runs concurrent to the mesh
    fence that was already there
    with a loud and clear
    message that I am now
    persona non grata in
    goatfucker society after
    having called the cops on
    their power washer orgy;
    The old poet was right-
    I prefer fences as neighbors
    for now on this Vernal Equinox
    I can pee in the privacy
    of my own backyard;
    As this is how I celebrate
    My Vernal Equinox.