Brutus Beefcake vs. Greg Valentine

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MSG 7/25/87


Beefcake was lucky to get to the ropes on that Figure-Four leglock. The Hammer had that hold locked in. I mean he really had it locked in good.
By Randy Ragsdale 4 years ago
Kudos to the referee during this match for just letting these two guys go at it and put on a really good match without a lot of complaining and admonition from the referee.
By Randy Ragsdale 4 years ago
Contrary to popular belief Hulk Hogan did not always have to wrestle in order to sell Madison Square Garden out back in the 80s. I'm afraid that is a myth that has been blown out of proportion and marketed very well by the WWE because for some reason they seem to think that their fans are gullible when clearly that's not the case
By Randy Ragsdale 4 years ago
What a fantastic matchup. These two had superb chemistry in the ring together.
By Randy Ragsdale 4 years ago