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    by kookyinc

    Here is the user SayNoToDarwin. What a joke. If he were a professor, I'd fire him.
    Some of SayNo's assertions:
    "All true scientists in history were Christians."
    "People who know God instantly know ball-faced lies that are such obvious hoaxes."
    "I am available for all intellectual matters,"

    Decard93: "The Crusades were a series of religiously-sanctioned military campaigns waged by much of Latin Christian Europe."
    SayNo: "Deckard is a little kid, I posted some of his messages here to show you how little he knows, or has learned the wrong propaganda from some retard."

    MortalLuc: "With all due respect Sayno, but Christianity does have some black pages in the history books."
    SayNo: "Just so you know, Luc and I do not agree. Some of his points are true, but for the most part, all lot of what Luc says is bigotry and heresay. I am a scholar, so I know."

    If this guy is a filthy troll, please make it known to me. PUH-LEEZ.