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    by HardizMarketing


    Global Domains International, Inc. is the worldwide domain name registry for all .ws (Dot WS) domain names. their product is an incredible $10 per month package that includes your own domain name, hosting accounts, and up to ten email accounts, plus an easy-to-use online web site builder that will allow you to get a professional looking web site on the web as quickly as possible.

    They offer a week-long (7 days) free trial of the entire package, no strings attached.

    The standard compensation plan works like this, Basically you are paid $1 per month, per domain, that is registered in your 5 level network.

    You are not limited by width. You can refer as many people as you want to, and so can those people that you refer, and so on.

    Join our team for a free 7 days trial by simply clicking the green signup button on our website below.

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