Why Are Things Backwards ?

Theresa-Ann Harvey
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2010-06-16 3rd Journal ♥ TRANSCRIPT: http://www.scribd.com/doc/33247545/Why-Are-Things-Backwards ♥ iTunes podcast http://www.itunes.com/podcast?id=371766765 ♥ Blip.tv channel http://theresaaharvey.blip.tv/ Intro: I think I may be have a handle on, or at least a hand-hold on the tail of why everything is so backwards, down here on Earth, or rather, here in 3D. At some point it goes beyond funny, how upside down and turned around things seem to be, here. You can almost go East by heading West, it’s so reliable. Murphy had the essence of this, but certainly not the full understanding. Besides, I think he wrote his little law all in good fun - but I don’t know. There’s surely something to it. Yet, it goes so much deeper than that, and I have a certain sense of something like this: I think it’s due to the fact that 3D is reflecting the Light, the divine. Like a mirroring effect, everything is just a reflection, here. Thus, things would be backwards, and such... and consistently, too. I think we’ve all had the sense of something like this, at one time or another. As we’re all waking up, now, we’re more in touch with the Inner, the Higher Self that we are. Intuition is so on the rise, it’s amazing. I’m so proud of our men, too, for it’s hardest on them. They weren’t raised right. Our men have so much to offer us, but not by leading, the way that they’ve been. No, they’ve been used by the dark force to show us, to illustrate, not power, but power’s misuse. It’s a masculine, a yang thing, alright. Well, what’s the reflection, the mirror image of that? What’s the divinity, hidden beneath? Let’s start looking at it that way, for it’s beginning to shine out at us, through this one and that, here and there. Do you not see this in the eyes, in the energy, the beauty, the strength and gentility of some of our men in these days? Take Alex Collier, for example. If you know of him, of his early on lectures and interviews, you can see where he’s been - and just how far he’s come... Distributed by Tubemogul.