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    There's no point in comparing the two, military systems are a kind of "fighting for dummies" (most of them, anyway, except for sambo, which is, by the way, a military MA). MMA on the other hand are very specialized combat sports. Military systems take whatever they find useful from any martial art, i.e, they're not original...

    Nevertheless, if I were to be thrown into combat in 6 months from now, and I had zero training in fight, I'd better learn KM, than to, say, BJJ. 6 months in BJJ is nothing,

    In your videos, you put examples of poor performances of KM fighters in sports fights. Luckily there aren't as many videos of BJJ fighters in combat in the middle east war zones.

    To each its own.
    Przez smatpy6 lat temu
    Guillaume Ziant
    Haha don't make me laugh and what about once you grabbed the striker ?
    You suck him ? And he just keep like that saying oh yes oh yes ?
    You're pitiful.
    Przez Guillaume Ziant6 lat temu
    LOL silva vs sakuraba .Sakuraba is good grappler better than silva ^^
    Przez minotauro_577 lat temu
    Olivier Rullé
    Przez Olivier Rullé8 lat temu
    BJJ is the best but mixed with Muay Thai for standing, don't forget the knees and elbows !
    Przez TheKaiZen8 lat temu
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