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    Transformers:Cybertron Adventures -14 Minutes [Nintendo Wii]


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    I was dreading Activision justifying another stupid Wii RotF engine. I will say this does actually look better than what I was expecting. But still any TFormers fan wanting a video game will not ask for a game where you do NOT Transform. And would like to actually control the action.
    Yet strangely, the DS version looks to be a very good, transform at will and free movement game. Plus it has multiplayer. Don't know about the much needed WiFi vs though. But still, why couldn't the Wii version be more like that?
    Why would devs think fans would want this. When fans have been screaming for a vs TF game for years. Activision has been unforgivably THICK on this one.
    Di stufa19785 anni fa
    Is this a rail shooter? Doesn't seem you have any control during robot mode.
    Di ohnaji5 anni fa