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    Things I'm learning now that I have a cat. Help!


    by NothingTypical2010

    A few things I'm learning with this serial killer in my home, (I mean, kitten):
    1) she could be man's best friend, but never stoops to it.
    2) she’s always on the wrong side of the door.
    3) she is Easier to Train my Man.
    4) she will assume the shape of the container.
    5) my black clothes are the ideal tool for removing cat hair from furniture.
    6) The best way to call her is to run the electric can opener.
    7) cat bathing IS a martial art.
    8) Her favorite game is Hide and Go Poop.
    9) Cat hair in my food is a good source of fiber.
    10) she’s not really clean, she’s just covered with her spit.
    11) I have become cat furniture.
    12) will NEVER feed her anything that clashes with my carpets. She’s not a tabby U do the math.
    13) NO! to her means “Not while I am looking.”
    14) The 4 Cat Food Groups are: Dry, Canned, Natural, Yours.
    15) Training a cat is like performing acupuncture on a rock.