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    Himeji Castle The world heritage 《Japan》


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    ・Hyogo Tourism Association:
    ・Himeji Convention & Visitors Bureau:
    ・Clara De Gobert
    I was born in France and studied Japanese at Louise de Marillac High School in Paris. I’ve been in Japan for 6 months studying at Kansai Kokusai Gakuin. Since I was 15, I’ve been interested in the fashion, food, cameras, culture, art and underground culture of Japan and really wanted to come here. I’ve especially enjoyed seeing the beautiful and interesting cities of Kobe and Kyoto.
    ・劉 夢莎(ASA)  
    I’m from China. My mother studied translating in Japan and, through that influence, I also became interested in the country. I first came to Japan as an exchange student in my first year of university. I’m currently studying marketing at Kansai Gakuin University. I absolutely love the Kansai region. The people are friendly and interesting. The food in Kansai is also very delicious.[Osaka takoyaki]