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    Honky Tonk Man's WWF debut


    by Stinger1981

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    Skye Reynolds
    Meanwhile, in Bizzaro World...

    Is this out of an episode of the Twilight Zone? Did I actually see Hulk Hogan singing the praises of a face Honky Tonk Man? This is... Wow.
    By Skye Reynolds5 years ago
    Brighat B
    The Honky Tonk Man was horrible as a face. Thank God the bookers realized it quickly and turned him heel. I'm sure Wayne Farris was much happier drawing heat; that's what he did best.

    Did Terry Gibbs ever hit a move from the top rope? He always got slammed off the ropes every time.
    By Brighat B6 years ago
    Randy  Ragsdale
    Listen to this commentary. It's so weird to hear Gorilla singing the praises of Honky Tonk while Heenan ridicules him.
    By Randy Ragsdale6 years ago
    Stinger1981 was a bit more descriptive in finding the date/match.
    By Stinger19816 years ago
    Randy  Ragsdale
    Honky Tonk Man's rise to prominence is hard to believe. A month after his debut Honky would be challenging Macho Man Randy Savage in the Philly Spectrum for the Intercontinental Championship on October 15th, 1986.
    By Randy Ragsdale6 years ago
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