[PRESS-CONF] Italian decree law on wiretapping

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Video of the Press Conference about European responses to the new Italian decree law on wiretapping

Conference date: 16/06/10
Location: Location: FR STRASBOURG

This press conference built on the draft law of the Berlusconi government which would introduce changes to the rules on wiretapping (criteria and procedures for authorisation, duration of authorisation, use of interceptions in other procedures, exceptions for priests and parliamentarians) and restrict the right to publish information on such practices, with severe penalties to freedom of information, expression and press and the fight against organised crime.


MEP's Concerned: Sonia Alfano (IdV, IT), Sophie In´t Veld, (D66, NL) and Niccolò Rinaldi (IdV, IT)

For more information: federica.terzi(at)europarl.europa.eu

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