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    GRITtv: Ed Pilkington: Pensions, Petroleum, Palin


    by GRITtv

    The BP oil disaster has wreaked havoc on the Gulf of Mexico, but it's also having repercussions across the Atlantic. BP is one of Britain's largest companies, and pension funds invested in BP stock are taking a hit. Ed Pilkington has been covering the story here in the U.S. for the U.K.'s Guardian and has visited the Gulf to look at the spill. He joins us in studio to talk about the "slippery story" of the oil spill, as well as Sarah Palin's vaunted visit to the Queen of Conservatism, Margaret Thatcher, and the apology issued by new British Prime Minister--not for involvement in Iraq or Afghanistan, but for the Bloody Sunday killings 38 years ago. Distributed by Tubemogul.