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    US Loan Auditors was able to stop the bank’s harassing phone


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    23 kunjungan
    Like many other homeowners, Pat Lourim had a Pick-a-Pay loan with American Home Mortgage and didn’t notice how bad it was until 2008.
    The principle balance on their home loan had gone up by about $30,000 and they could no longer afford the increased payments.
    They were harassed by their lender several times a day, so much so that they eventually had to unplug their phone because it was driving their family nuts.
    US Loan Auditors was able to refer Pat to one of the top 100 attorneys in the United States and keep Pat and his family in their home. The best part was that USLA was able to put a stop to the nagging phone calls.
    Pat Lourim now works for US Loan Auditors as a Fraud Investigator. He wants to be able to help all those who were defrauded by predatory lenders like he was. In the past year, he has been able to help over 50 other families to have their day in Court as well.