The crisis demarcated the clients for the hew-built housing.

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The financial and economical crisis has made its alterations in the portrayal of a customer of the new-built housing and has demarcated more clearly their strata. The developers state there is a new stratum of the potential customers: the ones who believe that selling a one-bedroom apartment in an old building will give them enough money to buy a larger one-bedroom apartment in a new building. In fact, such undertaking is very close to impossible, say the specialists. According to the experts, there is another new stratum though, the main distinguishing feature of which is a more weighed attitude to the housing purchasing. The members of this group try to get as much information on the house that is being built as possible. Some of them want to see the blueprints of the building, the building permits, etc.
Building News. Kharkiv. Ukraine. June, 15. 2010.

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