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    Mitch Winehouse following in Amy's footsteps


    by ODN


    It's "never too late" - that is Mitch Winehouse's motto as he releases his debut album.

    It seems there is more than one singer in the family, as Amy's dad unveils his record, Rush of Love.

    "Amy and I had been speaking about it about five or six years ago. And the timing wasn't right, she wasn't particularly well and now she's much better," he said.

    Winehouse added: "You know I couldn't have done this album if she was ill. I wouldn't have able to put me heart and soul into it."

    The cabbie-turned-crooner has become the unofficial spokesperson for the family when it comes to his daughter, whose drug abuse and brushes with the law have made her a tabloid favourite, now he is hoping for a slice of the limelight.

    At 59-years-old Mitch is hoping he can still show Amy a thing of two about showbiz.

    "I mean, if I became a huge success I'd have a retinue of hangers on and I'd be able to order people around and I'd show Amy how to really be a diva," he joked.