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    Anti Vaccination is BULLSHIT - Andrew Wakefield and ...

    Penn Point

    by Penn Point


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    I agree with you 100% this is a time to celebrate. I watched your episode of Bullshit on the anti-vaccination movement. I can understand the fear and frustration that parents feel when someone tells them their child is going to grow up abit "different". The sad truth might be that the rise in autism might have a cause in how we live our lives rather than what we do to our kids after they are born, or that new means of classification have opened up a broad panorama of the many forms of this condition. A ferfect example of what Im talking about is the classification of ADD and ADHD. In the year range of 2001-2006 the American Medical Association reopened research into the nature of the conditions and due to a newly accepted theory of child development into fact they began to retract many of their diagnoseese or however the hell you spell it. Who really knows things are constantly changing maybe in the future autism will be a class all to itself with many branches.
    By Vacerous4 years ago