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    The German Film Magazine 12.06.2010 | KINO

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    To celebrate the soccer World Cup taking place in South Africa this month, KINO has selected a squad of films about the beautiful game. Together with director Byambasuren Davaa, we also search through the Mongolian steppes for a lost song. And KINO returns from the Cannes Film Festival with a suitcase full of new discoveries: films and directors you will be hearing a lot more of.Soccer and Cinema – The world's best football filmsTo kick off the World Cup, KINO has picked the best soccer films of the past few years - movies that reveal more than just the sport. These are stories of the individuals, the fates and the social phenomenon tied up with the beautiful game.We speak to Philipp Köster, editor of soccer magazine "11 Friends" which put together a DVD box of football film favorites. These include Emir Kusturica's very personal documentary about the tragic-comic life of soccer icon Maradona; the award-winning drama OFFSIDE from Iranian director Jafar Panahi about young girls who dress up as boys to sneak into games at Tehran Stadium; and, of course, the modern-day classic about Germany's first World Cup win: Sönke Wortmann’s THE MIRACLE OF BERN.
    Mongolian Obsession – Byambasuren Davaa's new filmHer debut, THE STORY OF THE WEEPING CAMEL received an Oscar nomination. THE CAVE OF THE YELLOW DOG won a trophy case of awards. Now Byambasuren Davaa is back with her third film: THE TWO HORSES OF GENGIS KHAN.In the documentary, she accompanies Mongolian singer Urna Chahar-Tugchis on a journey through Mongolia who, carrying out her Grandmother's last wish, crisscrosses the country in search of a lost song. KINO presenter Ute Soldierer spoke with director Byambasuren Davaa.SHORTCUTS
    Keep Surfing – A documentary about six surf-crazy Germans who catch the waves right in the middle of Munich.

    The Twins at St.Clare's – Enid Blyton's kid's classic is adapted - in German - for the big screen.