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    Mina Agossi / Just Like a Lady


    par naive

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    1 CD Naïve
    Parution | Release in France: 23/03/10

    1 There’s A Lull In My Life
    2 Stoppin’ The Clock
    3 J’aimerai Ta nt
    4 Just like A Lady
    5 Waters of March (Aguas de Marco)
    6 I Really Wonder
    7 And I love her
    8 Lost In The City
    9 Burning of the midnight Lamp
    10 When The Saints Go Marching In
    11 J’ai Fantaisie
    12 Postcard
    13 Rope A Dope

    Mina Agossi (chant)
    Éric Jacot (contrebasse)
    Ichiro Onoe (drums)
    Bachir Sanogo (percussions)
    Phil Reptil (keyboard, guitar, electroniks, loop)

    Special Guests:
    Andy Narell (steel pans)
    Daoud David Williams (miscellaneous percussions)

    Mina Agossi, who recently signed with naïve, is an outstanding singer whose works bring together a whole world of references. Drawing inspiration from traditional jazz standards (‘When the Saints Come Marching In’), French variety (Bobby Lapointe’s ‘J’aimerais tant’) and even Jimmy Hendrix (‘Burning of the Midnight Lamp’), her new album manages the tour de force of pulling these divers influences together and – most importantly – of creating a formidable jazz album for today.