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    ILA 2010 The Tiger and NH90: Showing Off in the German Skies

    Airbus Helicopters

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    Eurocopter's NH90 test pilot Herbert Graser and flight test engineer Armin Barth put on spectacular displays that include pull-ups, push-overs, high-G turns—all demonstrating the superior agility of the NH90. "The NH90 is equipped with a sophisticated fly-by-wire control system and is extremely comfortable to handle. Given its weight, it is surprisingly easy to maneuver compared to similar-sized aircraft."

    Manfred Kuck, Eurocopter's Tiger test pilot, has been flying the Tiger since 1994 following the arrival of the first Tiger prototype, the PT5, in Germany. With Eurocopter's flight test engineer Michael Schulz, the flying duo demonstrates combat air maneuvers, such as barrel rolls, loops, "high yo-yos" or torque turns as well as quick yaw turns. "I really enjoy performing flight tests on the Tiger. Unlike any other military helicopter, the Tiger combines stability and maneuverability and provides pilots with carefree handling."