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    Toy Story characters back for third film


    by ODN

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    Tom Hanks has described his Toy Story character Woody as rewarding beyond his "wildest dreams".

    The Hollywood legend was on the red carpet in Hollywood for the premiere of the new film in the franchise, Toy Story 3.

    It is 15 years since the original was released and Tom's character Woody is still as faithful as ever.

    "He's always had one prime function and that is to serve Andy. To be played with by Andy. To keep the toys together, and make sure they're there when Andy shows up and to do Andy's will. That's Woody. That's one hundred per cent Woody," Hanks said.

    "I am sort of like in his thrall and under his control whenever I step into the microphone there," he added.

    The actor was joined by co-star Tim Allen who voices Buzz Lightyear.