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    Banks must be 'profoundly reformed' says report


    by ODN


    A new report says that the banking system must undergo "profound reform" to ensure that another financial crisis does not happen again.

    The Future of Banking Commission, set up last autumn by the consumer group Which! has called on the new Government to use its recommendations as part of financial policy making for the future.

    The Commission is chaired by Tory MP David Davis. He says the big banks must be broken up in order to prevent another recession. He said: "If we don't do something, next time (a crisis) happens it will break the country. It will go bankrupt."

    He said although breaking up the banks would be a tough thing to do, it was something that has "got to be done". Mr Davis says that fatal flaws in the banking structure almost crippled the global economy and that it must never be allowed to happen again.

    The commission was set up last autumn and gathered evidence from regulators, consumer groups and business leaders, like Bank of England governor Mervyn King, FSA Chairman Lord Turner and Business Secretary Vince Cable.

    The recommendations are being delivered to number 11 where it is hoped George Osborne will include them in government policy on financial reform. Mr Davis says this is the best way to put the consumer at the heart of a reforming banking system.