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    Bertolf - Snakes & Ladders (That's Live)


    by Steve

    Bertolf Lentink ( performs the title track from his 2010 album, SNAKES & LADDERS on BNN That's Live on 5 May 2010. .

    Snakes & Ladders is a board game, in which sometimes a player ends up on a ladder and can climb a long way forward, and sometimes on a snake which causes a backward fall of many spaces. This refers to the recurring theme of the album: the reverse of fate, for better or for worse. The fun of this text is that it can have many interpretations. At the time of writing this song, the banking crisis had just erupted in full force, so there's a number of references in it. But the song also describes how a relationship can go, or about life and humanity: how can we ever forward and how will it ever be better if it's all a matter of constantly getting up and falling down?