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    My First Mind Movie ~ Infinite Possibility


    by celticfairiefae

    Part vision board, part affirmation - ALL inspiration and powerful intention, this "moving" meditation is a wonderful medium of expression. Proudly presenting my very first Mind Movie :) I discovered the Mind Movie concept through Jennifer McLean's program, Healing with the Masters. She interviewed Natalie Ledwell & discussed this brilliant idea & program. I so enjoyed creating this and it is my hope that through sharing - it will touch you deep inside & remind you that we are SO much more than we "appear" to be. We have the power to transform our lives & in so doing - to fully express the beautiful, Divine nature within us. By awakening our own light - we give others permission to to the same - until we have created a whole glorious constellation.

    May you always be guarded, guided, blessed and protected by God & the Holy angels.
    And may you generously share your blessings with all life.
    Deep Peace be with you,