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    Title Tags and Search Engine Rankings and Click Through ...


    by webermarketing

    2 views Title tags are important not only for search engine optimization but also for good click through rates by human searchers. The title tag is found in the header area of the website's code in the text input in the there is what the search engines show in bold font on their search engine results pages. However, simply having a well optimized title tag for SEO purposes is often not enough to maintain high rankings in the search engines. For example, one could have a very effective title tag with respect to the search engines in a cut at the same time be very poor with respect to human visitors. Therefore, if the title tag resulted in a low click through rates by people searching for that keyword it is quite possible the page could be moved down in the rankings even if the title tag was not optimized as well as some other pages for that given search. Search for your page in the search engines and notice how well your title tag stands out in the search results from a human point of view.