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    by rwoodin

    I'm posting some video reviews to This particular review is of the Tornado ecigarette from Totally Wicked with a Low Resistance atomizer. If you are a 510 Ecigarette usere you will REALLY want to see this video. When you use the low resistance atomizer with a tornado you get a great tasting e-smoke. I've tried many different eliquids. They ALL taste so much more fantastic now with the tornado driving the Low Resistance atomizer. The reason is the LR atomizer vaporizes the liquid much more completely. The end result is TONS of vapor with propylene glycol so you do not need vegetable glycerin to increase the vapor volume anymore! - Also, because your now vaporizing the PG at a hotter temp the flavor is absolutely AMAZING - there is just no comparison to how much the flavor is brought out with the LR atomizer compared to a regular 510 atomizer. I will probably never use anything but the low resistence atomizers from now on.