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    Mark Hargrove vs Nancy Wyatt WA State Representative ...


    by markhargrove47

    14 views | Mark Hargrove vs Nancy Wyatt WA State Representative District 47 2010 election Less Government!!! My name is Thomas. I support Mark Hargrove. Because of Mark hargroves stance of common sense gun control and less government in our personal lives. T.L. Black Diamond WA APPRECIATION!!! I support Mark Hargrove as a candidate who will bring common sense American values and fiscal accountability to our State House of Representatives. Coming from business in the private sector, Mark has understanding and appreciation for what makes America run: local business bringing opportunity for the average man/woman to live, thrive and compete. They set the foundation for the “machine” that should drive our country. Mark is willing to make the tough choices to move government out of the way…that’s a great start. K.W. Kent WA MEANINGFUL!!! The Mark Hargrove's of the state are the only hope that we have that we will balance our budget in a meaningful, well thought out, and financially prudent way instead of using the backs of the taxpayers. It appears to me that Mark Hargrove knows how to balance "HIS CHECKBOOK". Common Sense!!! I support Mark because of his basic decency, clear vision of ways to solve our state budget problems, and most importantly, My views will finally be represented! Unlike the union lackey who does what he's told by the Democratic Party, Mark will make the tough decisions that MUST be made! Sincerely, P. H. Auburn WA Sense of HONESTY!!! Mark Hargrove vs Nancy Wyatt WA State Representative District 47 2010 election. Mark Hargrove is drawn to serve the people of the 47th district by his sense of honesty, integrity and a desire to keep as much freedom reserved to the people of the state as possible. Mark Hargrove's Republican primary opponent, Nancy Wyatt, was rarely seen at the monthly 47th meetings and chose to run against Mark despite the then two other open legislative positions in the 47th. While either Mark or Nancy would be better for the people of the 47th than Geoff ...