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    Jon Snow vs Mark Regev for Mavi Marmara Aid Ship

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    mimar sinan

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    Mark Regev interviewed about Gaza Freedom Flotilla by Jon Snow on Channel 4.

    Following this interview Jon Snow put questions to Mark Regev the Israeli Government spokesperson. The exchanges between the two quickly became heated. Jon Snow, who was obviously very agitated because of Regev's apparent arrogance pointedly said to him "The Turkish Prime Minister has today said in the Turkish Parliment that the next flotilla will very likely be accompanied by a Turkish Warship. Snow went on to ask in a raised voice "What will you do then! What will you do then!"

    Mark Regev was obviously stunned. He nervously smiled and replied "this is not serious, you are not serious". To which Jon Snow shouted back at Regev "Of course it is serious, this is a very serious situation"! Snow then told Regev to "check it out with the turks".