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    Visioning the "What":Melinda Woolf


    by YinspireMedia

    Melinda Woolf is an independent filmmaker, a producer and creator of television programming and advertising, a brand consultant, author, speaker and facilitator. Melinda's gift as a visual storyteller, her ability to facilitate and translate the many multidimensional languages of the universe into comprehensive, and actionable communication through media, including: books, television, films, radio, technology, writing, teaching and speaking.
    Melinda is the CEO and co-founder of Conscious Innovations™ and Samadhi Living™ Spa and Wellness Centers, ( as well as the founder and creator of Peace Centered™ (, Vision Talk Radio™ ( and Peace Centered TV™. President of the Dallas Chapter of the Women's National Book Association, Melinda is the author of The Abundance Mastery Course, ( and the Peace Centered curriculum. Connect with Melinda at and