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    Don't watch unnatural history


    by catholiccontriversy



    Awesome. .. btw check out my pics!! ...
    By tishasweety5 years ago
    @Lisany_Hellblade I'm just one of the fanboys who hates live action on CARTOON Network. Once I have time, I'll make a full rant on cnreal. I respect your oppinion and made this video for those who hate live action on cartoon network. Thank's for watching anyways.
    By catholiccontriversy6 years ago
    Melisa Hebert
    Dude, I have to say I am a fan of Cartoon Network I dvr most of the adult swim shows such as Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood, Boondocks etc., Now in the daytime I could care less if they showed live action cuz I like live action. I am a big fan of Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Tony Jaa, and Jet Li. And in Unnatural History they have martial arts. Many people love Martial Arts shows, and I watched Unnatural History to give it a chance and dude it was awesome. Cartoon Network is not going to cancel cartoons just because of one episode, that would be childish. If you stop watching shows on Cartoon network it's not the shows that will get cancelled it's the network that will get cancelled. Hence why they changed the channel for WB to CW. WB is now for kids. You won't be cancelling a show you'll be cancelling the network.
    By Melisa Hebert6 years ago