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    20 Sample Prospect Data Lists


    by responsiva

    54 views 20 free prospect data lists for any of Responsiva’s prospects in order to trial our service. Research has shown that most businesses are more interested in receiving a quality service and quality data lists rather than ensuring the best possible price for their b2b marketing list. Although Responsiva do give excellent and competitive prices for the data lists, the most important aspect to us is the quality of service and the data itself. For this reason we are giving away 20 prospect list records, with no obligation, charge or catch. In providing you with this small loss-leader we are happy that you will receive not just a sample data list but (more importantly) a taste of Responsiva’s service and the quality of the prospect lists we provide. Responsiva has received many positive customer feedback comments, and hardly any negative. For this reason we are not just proud of our service, and knowledge base that supports it, but we also feel that you will be very pleased with this free trial of service. If this is the case then when you are looking for a reasonable sized prospect database then Responsiva anticipates that you’ll be contacting us in the knowledge that we will be the best ongoing data partner for your business marketing. The provision of business lists does require some experience and it is an unfortunate fact that most data companies put their most junior staff on the front line dealing with inbound prospects. The more experienced employees (typically the Account Directors) will be less visible because they are either managing and directing the larger clients, or are guiding the team from the back. But this doesn’t help your experience of the company or get you the experience and support you need right at that moment of truth – from your first call into the business. For this reason, when you contact your enquiry is dealt with by a data list expert who has many years of prospect data experience behind them. And no junior will be left unsupported ...