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    Officials in Bangladesh Demolish Condemned Buildings


    by NTDTelevision

    In an effort to avoid future accidents, government officials in Bangladesh are demolishing all illegal and risky buildings in Dhaka City. This comes after a five-story building collapsed in the city earlier this month, killing 25 people.

    The city development authority in Dhaka, Bangladesh is undertaking the task of demolishing illegal and faulty buildings.

    On Tuesday, workers were seen knocking down a seven story building three days after it showed signs of tilting.

    Another three buildings that were built without the approval from the city development authority are also due to be torn down.

    A team comprised of an authorized officer, building inspector and 30 laborers led by the executive magistrate, joined the demolition work.

    [Rokon-Ud-Dowla, Executive Magistrate]: (male, Bengali)
    “We are demolishing this building because this a faulty and risky building. We have marked some 5,000 buildings which are very risky and we will gradually demolish all those and there are more than 50,000 unauthorized building and we will also demolish those.”

    Authorities have given the owners of illegal buildings one week to demolish the structures.

    [Sadek Hossian, Mayor of Dhaka City]: (male, Bengali)
    “I learned that the Dhaka City Development Authority has identified some five thousand buildings which are very risky, so I think they should start demolishing immediately those which are more risky.”

    On June 1st, a five story building collapsed in Begunbari, killing 25 and leaving more injured.