Urban Ocean Cruise


by NTDTelevision

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The heavily industrialized ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach comprise the biggest container port system in America and the fifth biggest in the world. They are also the unlikely destination for tourists aboard the "Urban Ocean Cruise." Let’s take a look.

This is not your typical boat excursion.

On this unusual boat cruise, passengers aboard the Long Beach "Urban Ocean Cruise" are not looking out for picturesque views. It’s attractions like this giant scrap yard, a major highlight of the tour, that they’re on board to see.


The 2 ½ hour journey takes visitors through the ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles, past rust-tinged bridges and cranes, oil islands, and even a maximum-security prison.

Organized by the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, the Aquarium's president Jerry Schubel dreamed up the idea after taking an architecture cruise last year in Chicago with his wife.

[Jerry Schubel, Aquarium's President]: (English)
"It was an amazing experience and we kept saying to ourselves, what is it that's unique about Long Beach, the greater Los Angeles area, Southern California?"

The variety and intensity of human activities taking place in the harbor, and the interaction with the local environment and wildlife is now the focus of the cruise.

[Jerry Schubel, Aquarium's President]: (English)
"And the answer was, it's the ways that we use the ocean, the number of ways we use it, the intensity of those uses."

12 year-old Daniel Alday was the youngest passenger on the boat, and he didn't get bored.

[Daniel Alday, Passenger]: (English)
"I'm learning a lot too, because I didn't know about all these harbors, about how we had the biggest harbor here in the whole United-States."

In the end, the Aquarium of the Pacific is attempting to present the Long Beach Harbor as a positive example of cohabitation between man and the environment.

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