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    by funkyflyy

    I think most people think of the late, great Ron Banks mainly as the amazing Dramatics-lead singer, but some of us are old enough to remember that he also did a lot of quality production and songwriting work, not only for the Dramatics. This is one fine example; Five Special's "Love-A-Thon", taken from their 1981 LP "Trak'n". Ron Banks produced this group's three albums on Electra Records, starting with "Five Special" (1979), "Special Edition" (1980) and "Trak'n" (1981). Hailing from Detroit, Five Special was a vocal group consisting of Bryan Banks (Ron Banks' s brother), Greg Finley, Steve Harris, Steve Boyd and Mike Petillo. Their 1979 debut LP contained their first and only major hit "Why Leave Us Alone". But the amount of hits doesn't say anything about how good the music is and Five Special had plenty of stuff that deserves to be heard. This track was likely not a single, but it is a very strong and sexy jam, worthy of a resurrection from the vaults.