Lex Luger vs. Crush


by Stinger1981

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As part of the Wrestlemania Revenge Tour, MSG 5/20/94


ithink it might have been money reasons why he couldnt get sighed or he was dealing wiht his insurance company at the time.
By phillip sanders 5 years ago
It seems like Luger was always getting screwed around this time, if it wasn't the WWF title, it was Crush costing him the KOTR qualifier against Jarrett.
By Stinger1981 5 years ago
It was scrapped because Perfect quit the company, rather than comeback to wrestle. WCW tried to get him to come later in 1994, but it didn't work out, not sure why.
By TSteck160 5 years ago
I remember the hype for this card on the weekend shows. Originally it was Lex Luger scheduled to wrestle Mr. Perfect because of what happened at WM X. I wonder why that was scrapped.
By Louis Izzo 5 years ago