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    Fears for 'fox attack' victims


    by ODN


    The mother of baby twins 'mauled by a fox' as they slept has spoken of her fears for the girls as they recovered in hospital.

    Nine-month-olds Lola and Isabella Koupparis were attacked in their cots at around 10pm on Saturday night in Homerton, east London.

    Police say both suffered arm wounds, while one has facial injuries. They are said to be in a "serious but stable condition" at the Royal London Hospital.

    Their mother Pauline said: "We're just worried about them and making sure they're OK. One is really good and one is not so good."

    She spoke as she left her three-storey terrace on Monday, carrying a packet of nappies and looking anxious while clutching a teddy bear.

    The fox apparently entered through a door on the ground floor which had been left open because of the heat. The animal is said to have attacked the twins in their upstairs room as their parents, Nick and Pauline, were reportedly watching television.

    After the attack pest controllers set fox traps in the back garden. Last night a fox was discovered in one of the devices and was humanely destroyed by a vet.

    A neighbour said: "We've all got foxes at the bottom of our gardens. Some people have got two or three living in their garden. They're all as bold as brass. You walk out into the garden and you have to shoo them away."

    Michael Parra, 48, a health trainer, who has lived in the street for six years, said police had been going from house to house after the attack, warning residents not to leave their doors open.

    He said: "Something should be done about them. I would love to get them out of here. They're really a nuisance and a danger. They've terrorised our garden."